AVEVA Certified Developer Program

Certified Developer

When industrial organizations evaluate potential solution providers for their automation projects, they must carefully weigh the technical capabilities of the firms being considered. They recognize that not all partners are equal. Some provide better services than others; some have more technical expertise. Nonetheless, they want peace of mind that the solution providers with whom they collaborate on projects know how to get the most functionality and capabilities from AVEVA software.

Certification offers an objective, quantitative means for measuring and rewarding the technical skills of the solution providers who implement complex systems using today’s advanced technologies. Such programs enable industrial organizations to select the right partner for the right project. They also give partner companies a concrete methodology for fostering the talent and expertise of their application developers.

Applying for Certified Developer Certification

The AVEVA Certified Developer program, provides online technical examinations on a broad array of products ranging from InTouch HMI to MES. Exams are designed to challenge developers and measure their mastery of the technology area being evaluated.

To apply, prospective Developers need to login to the AVEVA Training Website using your existing Global Support Website account, if you do not have one, you will need to register on the AVEVA Training Website. Once logged in, the developer will have access to all product exams and will receive their results immediately.

Note: It is highly recommended that prospective Developers attend AVEVA Training for the products they are attempting to certify on. This provides the optimal setting to learn the products features by asking questions of a Certified Training Provider, prior to taking the exam.

Upon passing the exam, the Developer will receive a Certified Developer Certification showing completion of the chosen Certification path, are granted access to the AVEVA Support Knowledgebase and have access to Level 2 Technical Support from AVEVA Senior Support Engineers.

Maintaining Certified Developer Status

Just like how versions of software become outdated over time, the Certification Status applied to Developers for that version of the software also becomes outdated. As new versions of AVEVA software are released, the AVEVA Training group evaluates the scale of changes provided in the new release to determine whether a new exam is required to maintain the quality of Certifications.

If it is deemed that a new exam is required to maintain Certification, all Certified Developers are notified that a new product exam is available and that they have a set amount of time to pass the new exam. Otherwise their Certification status for that product could be invalidated. This process maintains the integrity of the Certified Developer Program.