Frequently Asked Training Questions

Q. How should I prepare for training?

A. Learn about the product

There is a lot of material available covering our entire solution portfolio. Take the opportunity to read about the product you will be learning and understand its capabilities. Be sure to check out our Solutions section, Educational Videos, and other areas to learn about our solutions.

Let others know you’ll be unavailable

A lot of material is packed into these courses, and they represent a unique opportunity to ask questions of Instructors in person. Disruptions to the course can impact your and your fellow students’ learning experiences. Cellphones should be turned off during class – there will be plenty of breaks.

Q. What is required for to attend online training?

A. In order to participate in our virtual training, you will need the following:


A computer with a reliable internet connection and the ability to connect to the instructor-led training website.
The ability to join the teleconference either via computer audio or dial-up connection.

It is strongly recommended that you test your connection prior to the training by following the instruction on our Training Connection Test page.


A second monitor, allowing 1 screen to view the presentation/training manual and one screen for the remote lab connection.

Q. Do you offer onsite training?

A. In-person and/or custom training courses may be available upon request.

For questions regarding training, please email [email protected] or call 888-449-0494.

Q. How do I pay for a scheduled class?

A. Payment for Industrial Software Solutions classes may be handled by:

  • A valid Purchase Order
  • Pre-payment by credit card via a secure payment link

Q. What can I expect when I register for training?

A. Once you have completed a registration for a training session, a member of the Industrial Software Solutions team will contact you to confirm your contact information and arrange for payment. Your seat in the training will be held for two weeks to allow sufficient time to complete this process.

Once your registration has been confirmed (by providing a purchase order or credit card payment) you will receive an email invitation with the information needed to join the training presentation.

The week prior to the training, you will receive a second email with your participant credentials and instructions on how to connect to our remote training environment.  This includes access to online lab virtual machines, which will have all the required software and files installed and licensed.

Q. Who teaches the training classes?

A. Industrial Software Solutions consistently meets the rigorous qualification process set forth by our partners to qualify as a Certified Training Provider.

Our class instructors, made up of our Tech Support Specialists and System Consultants, have all passed AVEVA Product Certification examinations. Combined, these individuals represent several dozens of years of experience in industrial controls and information management. When not in class, they are providing technical support and application support to our customers with troubleshooting and implementation questions.